It works!

I tried the Ceilidh Disco thing and it works! We had a gig for the Broomhill Ceilidh band yesterday evening and, after a brilliant two sets of trad ceilidh music and dancing, I got the chance to try out putting the dances with the various disco tunes.

A quick change out of my ceilidh calling outfit and into my Canary yellow flares (borrowed from my late Granny’s wardrobe) and I was ready to go. There was a brief moment of panic when my iphone with the play-list had disappeared and I had to get the whole party quietened down so that we could listen out for the ring. I was planning to get someone to take wee videos of the dances so I could post them here but in the midst of my first-night nerves I totally forgot.

Afterwards I asked people their favorite dances and it seemed that a couple were particularly popular:

  • The progressive Canadian Barn Dance to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
  • Virginia Reel to Car Wash by Rose Royce

I actually can’t wait again for the next time. So with that in mind, I have set up this website to keep folks updated on the progress of Disco Ceilidh.

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