Battle of the Compilation CDs


My 11 year old daughter is mad on pop music. We all listen to Capital Radio whenever she is in the car and she sings the latest hits to whoever will listen, morning noon and night.

This year for Christmas she asked for Now 86 from her grandmother so she can listen to Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ whenever she wants and stick it full-blast on the CD player for a dance round the living room.

The CD got a bit lost in the post and the long-anticipated present arrived today. Daughter ripped off the wrapping to discover she was now the owner of, not Now 86, but Now 1986.

Disappointment from daughter contrasted with unparalleled delight from me and my sister, triggering a full-blown biding war for the CD.

1986 turns out to have been the classic year for pop tunes: Thorn in my Side, Sledgehammer, Word Up, Kiss, Holding Back the Years, Don’t Leave me This Way, I Just Died in Your Arms, and those all-time favourites: The Final Countdown and In the Army Now.

That was the absolute hey-day of pop wasn’t it? And that is an objective opinion, It’s nothing to do with the fact that in 1986 I was an 11 year old pop fanatic.