Family Disco Ceilidh: Joyful Chaos


We had so much fun last night at the family Disco Ceilidh. At times around three-quarters of the dancers were under the age of 10 which led to some added fun and unpredictability. But I was amazed at how well they all picked up the dances.

Some had learned the main ceilidh dances at school but many were new to it and there were enough adults on the dance floor to keep the kids in check in some of the more complex dances like strip the willow and dashing white sergeant.

The smallest kids were fascinated by my new disco light projector and gathered round to stare into the globe of bright coloured LEDs. And the swirling light projections helped turn the short interval between sets into a disco, with parents and kids taking to the dance floor to groove to Daddy Cool. Next time we’ll extend the time for the free disco dancing as it was so popular.

All in all, a great evening. A few comments from the feedback sheets follow and I look forward to the next Family Disco Ceilidh on 15th March

Quotes from the feedback sheets….
‘Great night – well done, children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.’

‘Make it last longer!’

‘Loved the venue and atmosphere’