Green Afro Wigs and Deely-Bopper Ceilidhing to the Pogues

I’m just back from the St Patrick’s Disco ceilidh with the songs of the Pogues still ringing in my ears.

I had the idea about doing a whole Disco Ceilidh to the music of Irish Bands but had a bit of trouble finding the right songs. By nature Disco Ceilidh is a bit cheesy, a bit camp, and doesn’t really take itself too seriously. So you can probably imagine that its hard to fit U2 into the genre. In the end the Pogues featured large in the playlist (inevitably). I had great hopes for C’est La Vie by B*witched, but it’s not quite right, and I couldn’t face Westlife.

A big hit was Sally MacLennane for the Millitary two-step and Streets of London for the Flying Scotsman. But it was YMCA, Get lucky and Gangnam Style that really got the dance floor going. The folks who came complete with green Afro wig, green deely-boppers and other St Patrick’s accoutrements really made my day.

One of the guys propping up the bar had an excuse I’d never heard before for not dancing. ‘I actually really like dancing’ he said, ‘but I went to the gym for the first time in years yesterday and now I can’t lift my arms higher than this’ he said waving his hands about at hip-level. ‘It would be pure agony for me on the dance floor’.

Steampunk Bar and Grill was a great venue for a disco ceilidh and I think we’ll definitely be back there so watch this space.

As usual I was too busy with the calling to take any photos. Next week I’ve got a 40th birthday party to do and I’ll do my best to get some photos to post on the blog.

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!