Saturday Burns Night Fever: Ceilidh callers sought after surge in demand

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Saturday Burns Night Fever: Ceilidh callers sought after surge in demand

With Burns Night nearly upon us, it’s peak ceilidh season and all over Scotland, and the world, the reeling and jigging is about to start.

Not everyone envies the job of the caller, but if a radio mic and command of a dancefloor is something you have always wanted to do, then there might be a job out there for you.

‘Sometimes it can be like herding cats in time to the music,’ says Kat Jones, founder of Disco Ceilidh who is seeking a new ceilidh caller (or two) to join her, ‘but it’s got to be the greatest feeling in the world getting a whole dancefloor ceilidhing together and creating a party atmosphere’

Kat is looking for a special person to join the team ‘We’ve had a huge increase in enquiries for ceilidhs and I am needing another caller to join me.’ she says. ‘Loving ceilidh dancing, having a sense of rhythm and being a natural communicator is more important than having called a ceilidh before. If I find the right person I also hope they may help to grow Disco Ceilidh with their own franchise’.

Kat taught herself to call ceilidhs a few years ago ‘I’d wanted to organise a ceilidh to raise money for the school but bands were so expensive. In the end I formed my own band from parents from the school and I ended up a caller by default’. Kat still plays with the band but set up Disco Ceilidh to bring ceilidh dancing to a wider audience and at a more affordable rate.

‘I set the traditional ceilidh dances to pop and disco tracks’ she says, ‘everyone loves the classic disco tracks – Le Freak for Dashing white Sergeant is a favourite- but people love to hear up to the minute chart tracks too.’

And it seems to be going down really well. The regular family ceilidhs she runs have been hugely popular and enquiries about private parties and community events are surging.

‘The best bit is when you see people really ad libbing on the dancefloor, and getting so into it they nearly forget the next move. It’s such a privilege to be able to call ceilidhs, I am looking forward to finding the right person to help me make more ceilidhs happen’.


1. Disco Ceilidh’s next family ceilidh is 24 January at St Silas church, Woodlands Road, Glasgow.

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Kat Jones
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Event Host and Ceilidh Caller
Do you love ceilidh dancing and think there just aren’t enough opportunities to strip the willow, dash the white sergeant and pas de bas? Do you want to spread the good news of traditional set dances to a wider audience? Have you always secretly wanted to call ceilidhs and have just been waiting for the right opportunity?

An enthusiastic, engaging, and reliable extrovert is sought to call ceilidh dances for Disco Ceilidh events. Needs a natural sense of rhythm, and to be a born communicator who comes into their own in front of an audience. Must be available evenings and weekends, and willing to travel.

Disco Ceilidh brings together the dances of a traditional ceilidh with the groove and floor filling anthems of disco and pop music to create a unique party experience. Bookings are growing for birthdays, weddings, community events, fundraisers and anniversaries so we are seeking an addition to the team. You will receive training, mentoring and support as you learn how to bring ceilidh joy to a wide audience and create a fabulous feel-good event.

Aptitude, ability to learn, passion for ceilidh dancing and temperament are extremely important in this job – training to call ceilidhs will be given.